LESLIE DILEO REVIEWS I’M MINDFUL…OF MY ANXIETY written and performed by Elizabeth Wine, directed by Ashley Wren Collins

One-person shows can be tricky. The good news is that writer/actress Elizabeth Wine has spent so much time throughout her life gathering and sharing knowledge (off-beat and otherwise), that she is completely comfortable in this space. Ms. Wine’s mother was her first appreciative audience, and so she continued to absorb all kinds of facts about the world around her and announcing them even when the audiences weren’t so supportive (grammar school Mean Girls, anyone?) Eventually, she applied her curiosity and writing ability to a journalism career while her anxiety about including all relevant information and the fear of missing something lead her to miss deadlines and forgo a meaningful social life. She experimented in the search for a calming mindfulness: yoga, Pilates, and improvisational animal theatre work were some of the avenues she tried, but music seemed to be a tool that helped the most.

Ms. Wine takes you through her journey with thoroughness and often very amusing scenes of her attempts to calm her mind. She is very good at playing multiple roles (exasperated British newspaper editor, Russian acting teacher), and her description of her acting class where she finds that her inner crane is being pursued by another student’s inner panther is a real highlight. It would be fun to see her act in an ensemble comedy, because she has an unselfconscious presence. There is something endearing about her as an actress; her vulnerability in opening up her inner world, and the intense description of how it feels to be constantly trying to absorb details and facts is very genuine. It’s a little nerve-wracking to watch her, and I wondered if she’d be the kind of person I’d avoid in the breakroom or end up being friends with.

She and her director (Ashley Wren Collins) have put thought and care into this production.

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