Elizabeth Wine’s I’m Mindful…of My ANXIETY follows the artist’s journey from intelligent, inquisitive child to increasingly more anxiety-ridden and perhaps obsessive-compulsive adolescent and adult, to someone seeking to find peace, but approaching the quest in an almost frantic way. Shifting between youthful memories, ever more stressful years as a reporter, and the ongoing attempt to settle into mindfulness, I’m Mindful is an interesting and earnest portrait of one woman’s struggles.

One-person shows can be difficult, because they are typically about the performer, and the story being told has to be interesting to the audience. In this case, Elizabeth Wine is relatable, if also somewhat of a cautionary tale, by exploring the way anxiety overcame her, transforming her from someone with acuity into someone who would get so distracted that she would need to read the same things over and over again just to make sure she had not missed something. Also relatable, the many ways she has tried to persevere and overcome anxiety that became so intense, the physical ramifications became serious. She discusses yoga, acting exercises, language classes and music among other outlets.

During I’m Mindful…of My ANXIETY, Ms. Wine makes almost constant eye-contact with an audience not shrouded by a dark theater. She does some physical reenactments of her experiences, but most interesting may be the quieter moments, as she sits in front of her laptop, ever more relaxed, trying to conquer her busy mind by focusing on Beethoven. In the end, if nothing else, this piece offers hope.

- Kessa De Santis -

ORIGINAL REVIEW LOCATION: eljnyc.com/offbway.hmtl

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